Crj-200 Engine


I was flying the Crj-200 and I noticed that the fan blade core was glitching out. It was all black instead with strips of the spiral pattern appearing and disappearing. It was only when the engine was shutting down and when the engine was completely off. It was not while flying.



Thanks, and safe landings!

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Well it probably the texture as its not a important part (meaning you arnt focusing on it the whole flight)

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Does this happen when you zoom out, if so, this is the new rendering program FDS has implemented to get better performance.

If not, this may be a texture issue. Have you tried restarting the app?


I have restarted the app. It is whenever there is movement on the screen so whenever I am flying or when the view is moving.

Does the reverse thrust affect the aircraft movement?

I’m not sure I know what you mean. It does make it stop which is affecting the aircraft’s movement.??

Update: it’s whenever I turn the engines off. It’s fine while flying.

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I noticed the same thing as soon as I spawned in with the CRJ200 you the engines look like they are spinning quite a bit, with the core spiral also quite distorted.

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