CRJ-200 Cockpit and cabin glitch

I am currently using a Samsung Galaxy S6 and this weird reflection glitch seems to be affecting all parts of the aircraft. I changed the rendering resolution and the texture quality but it did not help. Any ideas?

Have you tried reinstalling the app? If you haven’t try restarting your device first, and relaunch Infinite Flight. If that doesn’t resolve the issue then delete and reinstall Infinite Flight.


I did end up reinstalling it and it helped with the cockpit but the cabin is basically the same.

Hmmm, this is odd. Can you try clearing cache a few times for us to see if that changes anything. Also, adjust the time and see if anything changes.

I thought it depended on your graphic setting?
if its low they appear but if its high you wont see them.
Btw im pretty sure those are the light tiles that cover everything and that is how they do the light reflections and shadows and stuff.

I cleared the cache a few times and it seemed to help a little. I also changed the time to night and it went away completely, and improved when i put it on sunrise or sunset. It also occurs no matter what resolution i put it in. I think i should be okay for now though. Thanks for the help!

Perhaps the aircraft is very cold, and that’s just frost?😂

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Yeah I mean it may be from northern Canada where it’s cold
Kinda looks cool tbh


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