CRJ-200 || Business style

Hey everyone!

Yesterday I did a short business jet flight using the Infinite flight CRJ-200 livery. It was a short 20 minute flight and got some nice shots!


Flight details

Route: KSDM - KBUR
Aircraft: Infinite flight CRJ-200
Flight time: 25 minutes

Foggy takeoff from Brown Field

Cruising @FL180 above California

Beautiful and smooth landing into Burbank

Feedback is as always, appreciated!

Thanks for looking, see you around!


Really nice photos!

Very nice photos man!

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Imagine the staff team traveling to meet ups in this private jet😮
That’d be awesome

Nice photos by the way

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They look really perfect. Which system do you use?

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Thanks man! The editor I use it Adobe Lightroom and the Apple editor.

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Nice pictures! This one looks as if the movie Nonstop or Flight happened and the plane went sideways… the small slit of light at the back makes it look as if the rear of the aircraft actually ripped apart…

That was supposed to be a compliment… sigh. Anyways, amazing pictures and keep it up! Should probably have a @NoahM vs @anon24319801 series. Would be difficult to vote.


Haha thanks mate, the photo was originally straight but I decided to tilt it a bit.

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Ooh! Someone’s looking sharp! The CRJ of course! Love the white fuselage blending into the fog and the black and orange along with it! Nice!

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Wonderful pictures that look very professional!

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Pretty awesome photos!

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Thank you very much!

Awesome photos. I really enjoy the isle view one!

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Thanks man!

These are awesome! The dramatic editing is great and something really different.

And @ran maybe a good idea 😏



I say lets do the competition huh? 😉

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We’d have to figure out what to do and how to do it, but I’m in

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