CRJ-200, B717, B737-700, and A321 use in Global

Is it just me or does no one use the CRJ-200, B717, B737-700, and A321 in global? I’m talking all severs. I think the reason that no one uses them is because they’re free without global (they have a “bad reputation”). I feel that time is being wasted on updating them when nobody uses them. What do you guys think?

I use the A321 often actually haha

Plenty of people use them. Just not as much as other aircraft.

I use the CRJ and A321 all the time, 737-700 and 717 sparingly, I don’t see how time is wasted in updating them.

Ok I guess I’m not seeing what y’all are seeing

The A321 is the 8th most popular aircraft being flown right now. You can see all the stats here: