CRJ-200 airTran JetConnect

AirTran JetConnect was the brand for AirTran Airways former regional airline service, which flew regional jet aircraft from AirTran’s hub in Atlanta. Service was to short-haul markets where AirTran felt their Boeing 717 or Airbus A320 mainline jet aircraft were too large to economically operate.

The JetConnect service was provided by regional carrier Air Wisconsin, which operated ten Canadair Regional Jet twin jets painted in full banner carrier AirTran livery with the subtle title branding Jet Connect added next to the AirTran Livery.

The agreement was officially announced on September 26, 2002, with service beginning on November 15, 2002. Initially, JetConnect flew to Greensboro, Pensacola, and Savannah, later expanding to a total of 18 cities across the eastern United States.

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