Crj 200 700 and 900 baggage door

So I just wanted to point out that the rear baggage door on the crj 200, 700, and 900 is different than the one on the 1000. The door on the earlier models opens in an inaccurate way but it seems the devs fixed the inaccuracies on the 1000. It kinda drives me crazy every time I see the door on the 200, 700, or 900 open or close. Has anyone else noticed this?


Yes, I have noticed this as well…

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Interesting Never seen this before this would be very easy to fix in a hotfix possibly.


I totally agree

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I do not see the problem.
But if you point it out there surely is one!

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The problem is the the door opens in and then the Handel pops and and twist, rather than the handle popping out and twisting before the door opens.
My pictures aren’t the best so it may be hard to spot the problem


I feel like this is pretty close to the lowest priority level. Like let’s put this in context a singe door on a single plane has the handle animation slightly out of step with the door animation in a mobile flight simulator. I feel like that’s pretty darn nitpicky. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be cool to have it fixed, but I’m not sure this is what I would want the developers spending time on.

Yeah I was joist curious to see if other people noticed it, not saying it had to be fixed

I noticed it on my first flight but it is such a minor thing that I just waved it off.;)

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I haven’t noticed it but great catch!

Thank you!

OH ok I see now, yeah, you’re really trying hard! LOL!

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Yeah it’s probably the smallest problem in infinite flight! 😁

Known issue :) Thanks for bringing it up though!