CRJ 200/700/900 rework

Bombardier which is the company who make the CRJ family is a Canadian business whose headquarters are in Montreal.

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The planes need a reworked cockpit and some other stuff.
I do think that other aircraft need to be reworked first like the e-jet family but the CRJ’s need to be reworked as well.

Please tell me if this topic already exists

I don’t think this needs a “rework”. I think it needs a live cockpit.

I dont know. It just fells like it hard to fly compared to other planes for me

Feel free to vote on the request I have linked below. It’s fairly new so not much to be done anyway.


Yeah I have to agree with @AlphaWings, these aircraft have already been reworked, in fact they were completely rebuilt from the ground up. I’m sure a live cockpit will be added sometime in the near future 🙂. A rework would suggest the aircraft is broken or inflatable in some way, personally I think it’s one of the easiest and nicest aircraft to fly in the entire simulator 🤷

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I am going to flag this.

I still think this plane needs a rework but i still think that other aircraft are first in line

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why do you think this needs a rework, besides the fact that you think it is “hard to control”

I don’t understand what you think needs to be reworked though. It’s pretty up to date being less than a year or so old. It being hard to control is probably more down to a lack of experience and skill. Just practice, any aircraft is flyable if you try. Even the 757.

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