CRJ 200/700/900 confirmed?

The waters about this subject seem unclear and murky and I just want the word on this for sure. Any ideas what liveries will be included?

…And is the ERJ coming after?

It has won the vote but it is not conformed by FDS. ERJ is also not conformed. I would like to see the crj though in IF


Has the ERJ won as well?

The erj hasn’t been in any voting poll. Its unlikely that it is going to get a rework in the next year or so.


I remember in a livestream, Laura discussed the CRJ… she said they’d add the 700 and 900 variants, I’m not sure about the 1000.

The CRJ did win the poll after the MD-11 so I’d assume this will be IF’s next update. You never know though.


would honestly love atr but probably the CRJ will be next.

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Information regarding the CRJ will be posted in the near future. :)