CRJ-1000 Bug

On takeoff from LMED RWY 14L the main gear seemingly over compensated for runway slant and made me veer off to the right

Did you calibrate before starting your takeoff roll?

Yes I calibrated before had 60% trim and flaps 8

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Oh that is strange

I know that’s why I mentioned it here I was wondering if anyone else had the same issue

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Well I don’t really fly the CRJ much! I can’t really answer this

check out this video

It wasn’t at rotate speeds it started at about 60-70 kts with Vr at 155

Crosswind’s starts to impact aerodynamics long before you reach Vr.

Since we don’t feature any runway slants or similar, crosswinds would be the most logical conclusion.


Ok still weird coz I’ve never had crosswinds make me veer that dramatically at such low speeds but could be a possibility

The CRJ’s are notoriously sensitive. If I’m not mistaken, it’s due to their narrow wheel base or something.

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Was there any wind?

That’s exactly why I don’t fly the CRJ😂😅

Yes there was wind I can’t remember how much exactly

The CRJ-1000 has not been reworked on for quite some time. So it may still have some bad physics.

That’s not the case here.

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The CRJ it self is a very up-to-date plane. It has the proper wingflex. The only thing it lags is the live cockpit

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