CRJ-1000 Autopilot Issue

Hi everyone!

I was attempting a flight from Luanda to Lagos in an Arik Air CRJ-1000, but during my climb the autopilot couldn’t get the vertical speed correct. Right after I engaged vertical speed, the plane shot up and began to maintain +5000 fpm. Then, it shot me down to around +500 fpm, and then it went back up again. During all of this I lost around 20 kts, but I quickly disengaged the autopilot and then stalled. Then I leveled the plane off and tried to see if I could get the vertical speed autopilot to work. I set it for +0 fpm, but the plane kept on pitching up and down. Then I just disengaged it and headed back to Luanda. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem?

First off, please hold your device comfortably, hit the pause button and press “calibrate”, before disabling the Autopilot. This should prevent this aircraft shooting up unconsciously and stalling.

I did, but it was too late and the stall had already started. It was all fine for the first few seconds after engaging A/P.

Try and adjust a lot of trim if this happens. The Trim in the Bombardier CRJ is regularly positive 60%, when taking off and landing.

Ok. I had positive 20% trim, so could that have been the problem?

Honestly, I am not sure. I don’t use the CRJ’s often. Would you mind sending a link from your replays when this situation happened? Use to send the link.

Is this your first time encountering this issue?

I need to sleep now unfortunately. Other members from the community will definitely try and help you out. 😉

Ok. Thanks for your help!

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Hi Brennan.
This tutorial would be helpful :)

XD should’ve watched that earlier.

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Please make sure that your device is calibrated before you takeoff so this kind of stuff doesn’t happen :)

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