CRJ 1000 at EGLC

Helo, I flew CRJ 1000 from orly to london city airport on Expert Server and got a warning message on final.
Previously I had read the notam that it said the limitation is for aircraft which larger than A318.
I have compared both aircraft on the web and found CRJ 1000 is smaller than the A318 except for the length. But for MTOW and wingspan the A318 is much more heavier and wider than CRJ 1000. Is it true that CRJ 1000 is considered greater than A318?

Whenever you enter an active TFR you receive the warning about entering it, not sure about violations.

Besides, flying the -1000 to EGLC must be a challenge.

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Kinda no CRJ flys to London City

Well, I think BA used to with their CRJ-700

Anyway, @FrzAgus I think your good with a CRJ-1000 at EGLC

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What did the warning look like? Was it a violation warning, or a banner that said something like “Entered an Active TFR at or near London City Airport (EGLC)”

Used to, But I think they never had CRJs

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I think that banner ya, but i affraid got violation and cut out, haha i’m sorry

They did
G-MRSG | Bombardier CRJ-701 | British Airways | SilverWingPix | JetPhotos

DIdnt they used the -200 also

Ok, so the banner will occur any time you enter a TFR, it’s just notifying you that the TFR exists, it’s no indication of a violation.

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I feel like they use it I. South Africa with Comair

Ok thank you @MJP_27, try fly again

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CRJ’s ICAO size class is lower than the one of the A318 (B for CRJ, C for A318), so don’t worry about that TFR pop-up, it always appears when you enter an active TFR since 20.1 was released. You can check the ICAO sizes here if you’re curious of other aircraft being smaller than A318.

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