CrisY's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Ground and Tower training.
ATIS Information:

1225Z:DEP. RWY 34L 34R APP RWY 34L 34R

For half an hour,from 1225Z to 1255Z



Hey mate!

I’m happy to run a few patterns with you, but would you perhaps consider changing to a different airport. It’s just Los Angles is a very large and busy airport and not particularly the best for simple pattern work. :)

I think so,I closed it and I will work in another airport later

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Crowded airport

Do you want to open at like KSAN or something along those lines, I’m available to do a couple of patterns if you like?

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Probably,let me think

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I will open an airport in 5~10min, what airport do you want

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Ok, spawning in now at KSAN.

I will come in 2min

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Eating breakfast!Haha.

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Good job @Luke_L

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@Luke_L I have things to do now.Sorry

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Controlling feedback @ KSAN

Overall it was a pretty good session but here are a few things to pick up.

Ground performance: Overall this was pretty good, the Boeing 747 taxied right through me but it’s training server and theirs nothing you can do about that… I guess a couple of the calls could have been a bit quicker but that comes with practice. :)

  • On my first pattern, you could have cleared me a bit earlier, but that’s nothing big to worry about.

  • On the second pattern, you forgot to clear me, just something to be mindful about. :)

Even though it was a quick session I think it was a solid start, just keep practising and you’ll get there!

Thanks, because my friend called me,bad luck,I will opened KSAN again,and I will ask you to fly again

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@Luke_L Are you free now?I will open KSAN again!

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@CrisYe I can swing by.

@CrisYe I’m spawning in now.

I am working in KSAN

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I’ve spawned in?

Yes,wait please,my WiFi has some problems