CrisYe’s Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hi there, welcome to my Radar Tracking Thread!

I am Cris, IFATC Specialist. I started my Radar Training progress months ago and now welcome to my Radar Training Tracking Thread!

Approach types

ILS Approach

GPS Approach

Visual Approach

Radar Vectors


Please let me know of any:

Loss of Separation

Terrain - < 1,000 ft AGL

Other Aircraft - < 3 NM lateral, <1,000 ft vertical

More Information

  • Airport, runways, and other information will be given each time I open.
  • Regardless of the winds, please only use the runway(s) I announce.
  • Please fly at a reasonable speed at all times.
  • Please follow instructions I give as soon as possible.
  • Please follow instructions although it’s on Training Server

This thread was approved by my trainer @CptJu , thanks to supervisors who helped me with this



I am on 20.1 RTM because 20.2 beta is not very stable to control. So please do not report any issues if that is not the same between 20.1 and 20.2 beta. Thanks 😊

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Airport: KSBP

Runway in use: Runway 11 (All approach types)

Open time: 1555z-1630z


Please follow all instructions and report mistakes below. Thank you

Are you opened on TS? Didn’t see you there haha

Now open! Some issues with connection before

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I have to close early at 1620z

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  • All is good
  • Looking forward to more challenging airports :p

Thanks for opening. Have a great rest :)

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Thanks for stopping by! I am going to SCEL next time(no lol 😂)

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OIIE Approach opened, runway 11s are in use, service from GT to Approach