Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira International Airport

Madeira airport located in the Portuguese achipelago of Madeira has officially had a name change to one of the most famous footballers alive.
Yes. It’s been now name after cristiano Ronaldo.

Here’s a picture of it’s strange but fascinating runway.image


The runway was extended after this tragedy occurred. :-(

Wonder how it’s going to look in Global without the pillars… will probably just be flat land.


It has been a long time since the airport was renamed after CR7…

They renamed it this back in early 2016. The article you shared is about a strange statue of CR7.

Umm… I’m an F.C. Barcelona fan… The runway’s place is very amazing, but the Cristiano Ronaldo side, not as much…


It’s kind of amazing that those pillars have been holding the weight of planes for years… the day it breaks…

if a plane has a heavy descent rate and hits that runway too hard, it will collapse

The heaviest it gets is 757-300s I think.

yeah, someone considers safety first, thanks for letting me know

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