Criss Cross Hop! @ TNCM - 180730ZMAR17

Server: Training

Region: Caribbean

Airport: TNCM

Aircraft: Any 787

Time: 0730Z

Come and join Qantas Virtual as we explore the Caribbean, flying to and from TNCM via island hopping (Touch and Go’s) at TKPK, TAPA, TFFR then flying back to TNCM in any 787.

All Qantas Virtual Group pilots who attend the event may file this to gain hours. PM me after the event for the details

Here is our plan of where we are going to be flying

Hope you enjoy, see you in the sky!



No, just where there is no region. I took a screenshot of the region

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Sorry, a complete error on my part. ;)

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Great Its gonna be awesome to join QANTAS event 😍😍


Count me in the event :)


May be I can attend, may be not…
Anyway, for fun I made a Flight plan for it:

No. 353568
could be used easily with LiveFlightConnect

Have fun!

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Can I join the event?


Will you have a flp, if so can you give me callsign so I can copy it.

Of course, Just turn up just before 0730Z

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Excited for this event. Can we get the flight plan plz?

There is one someone has created above, but I’m just filing the airports we’re flying to and flying manual IFR


We’ll be leaving just after 0730Z, please try to spawn a few minutes early

I will be using 787-9 Qantas livery. Can you assign me a gate plz?

For gates - Can you please leave Terminal B for Staff, so if you’re not staff please spawn at the other terminals

Sure thanks😃👍 I will

We’re about to go! Will hopefully see a heap of you there

Last chance to join, we’re about to go!

Thanks to all who came


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Thank you for a nice event Ben.

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