Crew member calls in sick, Jetstar cancels flight

A bit of weird news I found today. Last month a Jetstar flight was canceled after a cabin crew member called in sick. The flight operated by an Airbus A320 from Perth to Denpasar was unable to operate due to Jetstar not being able to call in any standby crew at the last minute. One passenger booked on the Bali-bound flight labeled it as “awful service”. This is nothing new for Jetstar after the same thing happened on the same route last year. Last year a flight attendant hadn’t turned up to work on the A320 service bound for Bali again from Perth. Passengers on the 2017 flight were offered a full refund or an option to be transferred to be next available flight.
A Jetstar A320 at Perth International Airport, Full credit


Shocking, they shouldn’t be running and airline without reserves for staff that’s a shocking way to deal with staff and customers. And also the plane wants to fly!!!

Will Jet Star still be here in a few years?


Not suprised…

Flew with JQ once, flight was delayed 2/3 hours, Now I go straight to lol


at least that’s not a problem we have to deal with in the virtual skies!

Seems shocking that JST didn’t have standby crew as it was flying from one its bases! Can sort of understand if it was one of the outstations mind you!

It’s not shocking at all. Reserve crew tend to run low at the end of the month. No airline is exempt from running out of reserve crew.


You’re subject to that more so at an outstation too.


According to the article, Australian regulations state there must be 4 flight attendants on an A320…so I guess JetStar couldn’t fly short one FA even if they wanted. As a passenger, I’d gladly take slower service (or even none) instead of having my flight delayed a day.

I’ve always loved Jetstar’s livery.
But this makes me not care for them anymore:-/

its nothing to do with slow service. The reason for having four Flight Attendants is so that if the worst happens they can get you out of the aircraft in the magic 90 seconds. I am much more concerned about that!


True, there is the safety aspect…though I have doubts whether having one less FA makes it significantly unsafer.

I am sure the Australian Regulators in their professional experience would suggest otherwise! They don’t make up the numbers of FAs a aircraft has to have in order to operate. Crew Costs is one of the major operating costs for the airlines and if they could get away with 3 instead of 4 FAs I am sure they would have.


I’m not doubting the requirements or the logic used in coming up with the number needed. Just my personal preference…I’d rather take my chances with a plane one short on crew instead of having my vacation cut short one day.

Oh my. This logic. Please rethink this. Especially before you go taking command of an airplane yourself. This logic kills pilots. “I’d rather sacrifice a bit of safety for getting there on time” NO! so many people have been killed because of “get there itis” where the pilot rushed through preflight checks or the run-up, or flight planning, which in the long run caused an oversight on some issue that resulted in a crash. You never, ever want to have the mind set of, well I could do without a bit of safety as long as I get there on time


happens sometimes. im flight to Phoenix almost got cancelled as the crew member was sick but they made it anyway. no back up crew on call

I understand the safety needs and…again, I’m saying from my perspective as a PASSENGER…given the choice, I’d rather not be delayed on my vacation.

To be honest I’ve always loved JetStars livery. I don’t like thevairline but I love the livery. So lol I won’t be flying them but hey…at least they have something still running in their favor ;)

Well that’s the main thing, ensure you are not delayed on your holiday or anything important…

That definitely sucks but I can kind of understand I guess. If the were to operate an man short and something happened that caused injury to someone because one of the crew wasn’t there the airline would get absolutely crushed. Safety is paramount in the industry.

The airline did the right thing in following regulations. They don’t have a choice in the matter.

As a passenger. I’d take the 99.999% chance that having 3 out of the 4 required FAs wouldn’t effect the eventual outcome of the flight.

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It’s shocking I’m my opinion I’ve never had a problem flying with Virgin Atlantic and British airways and they’re the main airline is use month in month out and I’ve never experienced this… in all the years I’ve been flying.

I understand your point but in “my opinion” it’s shocking.

Sorry that you don’t agree.

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