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Hey everyone, I’m in the process of making a website for my new VO IFHUB. I was wondering if there are any crew centres that you are able to add onto a weebly site, or any other drag and drop site builders.

Also, if anyone would like to build the website, you’ll get a job at IFHUB as website manager.

Any help is appreciated!

(Also feel free to change the location of this post, I was unsure where to put it)


If you want to have an actual crew center, it’ll cost money. IFBase, VABase, and phpvms all cost money.


I appreciate that it may cost money, but are any of them compatible with weebly? As in can i include it on my weebly website?

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Also, for some reason, I can’t change the category. This should be in #thirdparty

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No, its a completely separate website.

Ah I see. And there is definitely not a way to include it with other site builders? Sorry, I just don’t really want to lose my work on the site that I’ve done so far.

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I dont think there is. All of the crew centers that I’ve seen (VAM, phpvms, IFBase, and VABase) all have separate websites. You could keep your current website and have a separate crew center, or you can have everything on the crew center website.


Ah ok. Do you know anyone who knows how to use VAM or phpvms? I have a domain, but I don’t know how to use PHP or HTML or any web based development languages.

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@UnitedVirtual uses VAM, but it isn’t produced anymore. If you do find a copy of VAM, you need to find someone who knows how to code to set it up. I don’t mess with php or VABase, because their set-ups are sort of broken. I’m working to get IFBase, but I won’t publicly say anything else about that.

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UVA also has there main website on their crew center site too.

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