Crew Centers Question

Who can make Crew Centres ?

@Artem_F does.

Thanks for that!

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It’s not only Artem. Others and even you can make perfectly good ones, it’s just Artem has experience and has a service for it.

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You know anyone that can do it apart from @Artem_F

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@Noah_P made mine, and pretty sure @Jake_Savage can too.

Can I see yours?

We’ve switched to vabase, but he did do a PhPVMS previously. He also installed our Vabase.


Forgive my ignorance, but what is a crew center in IF?

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As far as I know it‘s for VA‘s. You can log your flights there.

Yes, That’s what it is 👍🏻

I have made a few phpVMS Crew Centers in the past. I’ve made ones for the Virgin Virtual Group, Kiwi Air and Garuda (correct spelling?) Indonesia Virtual. I’m also in the process of doing an integrated CC/Website for the Private Flying Group, and would be happy to do one for you.

Now, whenever I usually put out one of these posts, I get more than a few PMs with people asking for Hand Coded Websites or Crew Centers. I’m in the process of setting up a service that means I can do this for more VAs, but other than you and the ones I’ve mentioned above, until that service is up and running, I will be doing this for IFVARB Approved VAs only, as this does take a fair bit of time and effort.


Please PM Me. Thank you

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