Crew Center

ok so I sound so dumb as a regular asking a highly asked question, but

Does anyone know how to make a Crew Center that can help me? I’ve asked @KaiM but he said he can’t, so I’m looking if someone else can help.

Please don’t recommend IFBase either, kinda poor here

You probably already know, but there are tons of threads when searching for “crew center”:

And more, but if you’re searching for someone to help you, I am not sure wether those threads really help.


A good Crew Center is PHPVMS.
You only need to pay a little amount of money to get you crew center “online”. (Which is called ‘hosting’)

There are some pretty good hostings under €1 of you search. I don’t recommend free hostings, because there isn’t good support and doesn’t always work well.

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Send me a message and I’ll see what I can do for you

i can set u up with a airtable crew centre
with slack commands

@KaiM made a Crew Center for me to Norwegian Air Virtual

You can ask @ChrisToxz

He has created his own crew center with assistance from Infinite Flight Virtual Airline CEOs

Here is the thread


This is an incredible CC, it is very easy to understand I use it in two airlines

He already stated that he didn’t wanted IFBase

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