Crew center?

Hey IFC once again!
I wonder about what website or how I can contact to get a crew center on the web from Mark Swan.

(I have already made a crew center in Airtable)

I’m, not to sure. However, I just use Slack for my VA (Widerøe Virtual). I then have separate channels where pilots can log their flights, share photos, etc.

I am not talking about to chat, I am talking about crew center

I already use slack to chat

That’s our crew centre. Pilots can log flights, pilot announcements will be made, etc. Our slack isn’t just a chat.

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We in Norwegian do that tho.

Ok, so there you have it!

But to log Flights?

Slack, as I said before.

You can use websites like I believe.

@Artem_F can set it up for you. I don’t know if he still does it, but he still has his website.

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I have some experience in Crew Centers. In crew centers you can book flights and afterwards file them using the manual pirep tab.

I have send a message to him for a long long time ago but I haven’t got a answer

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Me too but I don’t understand to code in PHP I only understand a bit JavaScript and much CSS and html

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I know that @KaiM has been on a role with making VAs Crew Centres, although you’d have to PM him about it. He may not do them anymore but most likely he does. I’m thinking of asking him myself in the future 🤞🏼

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How quick do you need it?

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I and Snower are soon done in the IFVARB reviews

It’s easy enought to get a basic crew centre together with Slack and AirTable combined. That’s we have done at Aer Lingus VA whlst we are working on a fully custom one on the website. We don’t use a web builder, our site is custome coded so we have the flexibility to create our own.

If your willing to spend some money you can use vaBase it is quite nice and I know other VAs use it. Or you can use PHPvms which might be a bit harder to set up but it is free.

PHPvms is free, but I’m pretty sure that you need hosting for it, and hosting isn’t free…

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That is true, there are some really cheap hosting out there though that is quite good. But you would also need someone to set it up if you aren’t very good at that stuff.