Crew Center setup help

Hi all. I’m trying to add crew center to my va’s website but tbh, I don’t know how to. If an “expert” can come along and help me out they’ll probably be offered a staff role at our va. Thanks.
-Nate ACVA Deputy President.

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If this belongs in va I can change it.

Are you coding your own website? Or are you using like or something else?

We have weebly but are willing to buy to domain.

I’m learning coding my own website. Maybe i can help you.
PS I would do it for free.

Buy a domain… You’re crazy…

Find a free one


But if we need to code a website we can use help with that too.

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We’re free rn but I think we need to buy one to get crew center. What did you guys do?

Crew center can go onto a free domain


There are two options for you. There’s VAM and there is CrewCentre. I prefer VAM because it has an updated PHP version (7.1 vs CrewCentre’s 5.0). This allows for easier installation, and also VAM gets updated more. Just Google “Virtual Airlines Manager” and you’ll find it.


Thanks. Is setup “easy”?

Not one bit with VAM…

You need some prior experience

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Reasonably, if you can follow a setup video and have basic knowledge of setting up a database. You can set up free MySQL databases in multiple free hosting websites (not places like Weebly). I would recommend doing the following for your VA website (I’m doing the same for UVA):

  • Create a Weebly website with basic static pages
  • Use VAM as a place for people to register, record flights and utilize all the features of a crew center

And this works on weebly?

There is a difference between domain and hosting. A domain name is the one you type in the address bar,, for example. Think of it like the adress to your home, the adress then points to an IP adress. The hosting is where you can host your files, to make them viewable. This is where the grounds of 99,9% of websites are stored, ie html+css+js and some “add-ons” if you will.

I believe crewcenter runs on phpVMS as a skin, and for that I doubt WIX, weebly or any other free hosting and website building service will work. Therefore you probably need a website, without using a service such as wiz or weebly.


I do know how it works and I have successfully set it up multiple times. It’s great when it works and it really takes a VA to the next level. I just wish I had some more time in my life.


You have a video that’ll help be download it? Or could you help me out. Anything will help. @Samuel123abc

Again, google “Virtual Airlines Manager” and you’ll be set.


The phpVMS website should have all tutorials needed for installation, and for Crewcenter, you need to install it as a skin when you have got phpVMS up and running.

Again, you’ll also need some kind of hosting, be it free or paid. This way you will get a mySQL database, which you can use as a starting point for phpVMS.

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I think I’m going to go with vam. Appears to be much easier at the moment. @Samuel123abc