Crew center for VA

Hey @KaiM I have been going through your instructions but File Zilla isn’t working to establish connection I don’t know what to do

Check your FTP details have been entered correctly and you haven’t put a space in the username or password by mistake.

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I haven’t. It keeps saying that it timed out after inactivity

It keeps trying but then failing because of connection timing out of inactivity

We also can’t get into the online manager on infinity server

Try giving 24hrs to sort itself out

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thanks you so much it totally worked and is perfect. Great instructions!!! very pleased

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is there a tutorial number 4?

Yes, see here

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so when i have imputed a route, that route inst showing up in the schedules to actually book it for flying
how can i fix this

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You need to add all your routes onto the routes page manually in the admin panel under News & Content/Pages

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Thanks I will do that. If I have anymore questions I will ask

Hey so when I added a page I titled it routes now what do I do?

Actually nevermind sorry. I’m not sure what’s going on.

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Ok so I have a CSV template for schedules but when I import it to phpVMS it says my plane that I inputted doesn’t exist

So you need to add the aircraft first. Also make sure you put in the registrations in the CSV not the type.

Yea I have added all aircraft in my VAs fleet but it’s still saying it doesn’t exist

Ooh thanks I got it it worked!!!

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