Crew center for VA

Hello IFC, is there anyone that can build me a crew center, as me and @Will_Ford_Jr don’t have knowledge of building one, and I don’t have a computer to do it on. We are working on revamping Korean virtual airline and need a crew center. Anyone that can help it would be very helpful

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But how do i use slack for a crew center to book flights

That’s not what he’s asking. He’s asking how to build a crew centre.

puh … AirTable then ? idk

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I have no clue how airtable works

Fill in a request form on @anon41771314’s profile

You can follow this aweosme series of tutorials set up by @KaiM.
And the best part, it’s free. ;)

Yea I tried to follow that but it doesn’t work for me cause I have an IPad

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It’s really an advantage having a laptop, and an even bigger disadvantage not having one.
Doens’t any of your friends, staff etc. have a laptop?

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The staff does but can’t get it working so I put in a request for @anon41771314 to make me one

I have a laptop :)

I am still having toruble building a crew center. I am on a laptop, and i cant find a part 2 for those instructions. Plus Starz hasnt gotten back to me from the crew center request. What should i do?

Find another guy I think

what do you mean by

If he hasn’t contacted you for a long time from when you asked him, maybe you should ask someone else to help.
Though, if you decide to do that, you need to notify @anon41771314

i searched the IFC for someone who can help, but @anon41771314 is the only one who will build one.

Here’s you part 2 for the tutorial by the way

aaa thanks this will help

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And appartementen 3

Good luck

I use VAbase for mine. it comes at a cost though but its worth it. You will need your own hosting website. Feel free to pm me