Crete flyout @LGIR 031200ZMAY20

As the coronavirus still “rules” and everybody’s at home, this idea arose…
We’ll be flying from Heraklion LGIR (Crete) and will head to several different destinations, from this beautiful island!
Enjoy the beautiful view as we leave Crete behind and climb to cruising Altitude!
The airport is quite small… so places may be full fast…)

Server: Expert server

Airport: Nikos kazantzakis airport @LGIR

Time: *2020-05-03T12:00:00Z

Gate: Plane+livery Destination

  1. 01 Transavia 737-8 EHAM
  2. 02 TUI 737-8 EHAM
  3. 03 Aegean A320 LGAV
  4. 04 Ryanair 737-8 LOWW
  5. 05 Ryanair 737-8 LIME
  6. 06 Thomas Cook (Condor) A321 EDDM
  7. 07 Thomas Cook (Condor) A321 EDDF
  8. 08 Brussels Airlines A319 EBBR
  9. 09 Eurowings A320 EDDL @Leron_Gundlur
  10. 10 Aeroflot A320 UUEE
  11. 11 Easyjet A319 EGKK @Tsumia
  12. 12 TUI 737-8 EBBR
  13. 13 JET2 737-8 EGSS
  14. 14 Alitalia A321 LIMC @Rocco
  15. 15 Transavia 737-8 EHAM @Jelmer_de_Vries1

Apron: Plane: Destination
16. T01 Wizzair A321 LHBP

Military Hangar North:

  1. 1 C130 LCRA @Virtual-Esk721-RDAF

More gates can be added if there are lots of participants.

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Hello! Looks like a fun event, but please keep in mind the title guidelines that I have posted below, good luck with your event!

Could I get this one please?

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No worries, took care of it.

I’m gonna take this as well.

any chance of getting a Wizz Air A321 to LHBP in? for Wizz VA

@Leron_Gundlur @Tsumia are added…
@Bradgibbs01, I’ll add an apron for you.

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I’ll take this one, please.

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@Rocco you are added

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Is there availability for Esk721, to have a apron position assigned for a C-130J-30

Viking 583



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Done @Virtual-Esk721-RDAF

I"m really sorry…
I can’t be present at the planned time unfortunately, due to personal issues…
So @Marc or @DeerCrusher this thread can be closed unfortunately…
My excuse!