Cretan Airlines A320

What is Cretan Airlines?
Cretan Airlines was a short-lived leisure airline that operated between 1993-1995. Its hub was Heraklion International Airport “Nikolaos Kazantzakis” (HER/LGIR). It first started operating year-round domestic services, such as its service to Thessaloniki. In 1994, it started operating international services to western European cities seasonally.

At the time of closure, the Cretan Airlines fleet consisted of the following aircraft:

  • 5x Airbus A320

What is the Airbus A320?
The Airbus A320 is an aircraft created by Airbus, being the main player of the Airbus A318-A319-A320-A321 family of aircraft. It is the the most ordered airliner in history, surpassing the Boeing 737 family in October 2019.



(File:Cretan Airlines Airbus A320 Maiwald.jpg - Wikimedia Commons)