Creeping Foxes…

Would love to give a lovely shoutout to the two guys who helped me with this 3-ship flight. Starting to love and love more of the IF Community because of all of the people who want to do the same exact activities that I want to do. 🤝🏼

Everyday, Shaw Air Force Base echoes off rumbles… You may ask yourself, “What is that?” The answer is F-16 Fighting Falcons. (AKA, Vipers) One of the Worlds most favored Jet Aircraft. Spanning across from the U.S, to the big continent of Europe, hunkered down over in the middle east, and even the rip off version of it in Japan. (Mitsubishi F-2) This aircraft has been apart of the U.S. National Guard for more than almost 4 decades. Shooting down numerous of planes, even the F-16CM stationed at Shaw shot down a Mig-25 Foxbat back in the 90’s. This airplane has a lot of history and fame to it. and 40 years later after being in service, it is still flying and protecting nations across the globe. The most famed F-16 Squadrons on the East Coast are, you guessed it, The Swamp Foxes, apart of the 169th Fighter Wing. Happily, we have one if the planes in IF from the Squadron. Me and two other of my friends decided to do a 3-ship flight out of my hometown base. (KSSC, Shaw Air Force Base) New flight experience for one of my friends because this was his first time flying in formation. Hey we all learn some how 😂.

Golden Hour 🌅.

Night Ops 🌌.

Flight #1
Route: KSSC - KSSC
Time: 18:30 EST

Flight #2
Route: KSSC - KCHS
Time: 22:47 EST

Planes: General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon
Server: Training


Nice pics, I saw these pics on discord

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thank you!!

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Great photos love the shots, and gotta love GAF as well

Oh this wasn’t a GAF flight lol. but i appreciate it!

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That Top 3rd one is just so awesome.

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thank you brother! 🤙🏼