Creation of high speed “pockets”

  • Creation of high speed “pockets”

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At the minute, you receive a violation if you are under 1000 feet and travelling over 250 knots. This is very realistic. There are some parts of the world where aircraft (specifically military) are allowed to accelerate past the limit to practise. One example is Mach Loop in Wales. Here, aircraft are allowed to descend to about 1500ft (please correct me if I’m wrong) and accelerate past the limit. I think it would be good if there were “pockets” or areas were aircraft could do exactly this.

Stay safe and well.

First of all, fighters are exempt from the 250 under 10000 rule, and you will not receive a violation (just don’t go Mach 1 in a controlled airspace). Second, isn’t that what casual server is for?


Currently no speed restrictions for certain military aircraft (don’t go too crazy in controlled airspace) If you want to to go faster in other aircraft types then simply choose the Casual server.