Creation of a good ATC Tutorial (Complete from Pilots POV AND ATC POV)

So, I’ve been searching through the forums for a good tutorial for ATC. Most only cover one POV(Point of View). I’d like a tutorial that addresses the proper sequencing of speech. For example, When to call inbound and what the ATC will respond, When to switch frequencies and everything in between. If such a post exists, please direct me to it! Thanks, Rob.


Hey Robert …

I think that you should watch the IFATC Channel as they point out a lot of stuff people want to know about … If this didn’t fix your problems then others could help you out :)

Doesn’t exist and probably won’t the best ATC tutorials are those done by Tyler Shelton.

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Flying a pattern:

Contacting radar frequencies:

Back taxiing:

Landing clearances:

More landing clearances:

Hope this helps a little bit at least :)


I’ve seen them, and while they are good, they don’t include the back and forth interaction between the tower and pilot. I want a sort of step by step guide, basically, Pilot requests “Whatever”, Tower responds with “Whatever”. I don’t know if I’m being clear but thanks for the help.

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Situation will almost always be different, sometimes you get sequenced, sometimes not. Sometimes you enter base, sometimes downwind, sometimes approach guides you, sometimes not, just read and you’ll learn.

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Yep I understand what you mean. When I was starting out I needed the same thing! Learnt mainly " on the job " both by having a go as both a pilot and also as ATC as well as reading the tutorials and own research.

One option for a new person would be to go to a towered airport and sit at a gate listening to the different ATC conversations

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I know this is an old topic but since I joined playground in May, I have been looking for something like this (from the pilot’s view) that would help me as a pilot. Right now my learning is done through trial and error. Even knowing something as simple as when to change frequencies would help. This is not a criticism, this is a desire learn.