Creating your own waypoints/fixes?

Hey everyone,

I’ve only seen topics about this that were several years old. I was wondering if there were a way to create your own waypoints or fixes when creating a flight plan on IF?

I seem to fly to a lot of places that do not have decent SIDs or STARs and they always happen to be airports with like no predetermined fixes surrounding the area.

Anyone have any tricks to this?

Hey there!

I’d like to direct you to IF Flightplan Tools made by Adam Callow. A community forum moderator.

There is actually an updated version of his website 🙂


Skyvector allows you to place waypoints on a map where ever you want and export the flightplan as .fpl which could be opened in IF

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You can also use GPS Coordinates to get a waypoint at the coordinates you want, you must use that format " 2542N/5341E " , simply type and search it in the fpl menu.

I don’t remember where I read about it but I did not find it in the IF User Guide!

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