Creating your own loading page

Whenever I go to fly a plane on IF (which is quite a lot!), before I spawn I am faced with this loading page:
You’ll probably be thinking “Yeah, so what?”
But I just had an idea. I think we should be able to chose that photo. I would probably use a photo that I took in IF, but we could use any picture we want.

  • Yes, we so need this!
  • Quite a nice idea
  • Meh I don’t really care
  • Bit of a bad idea - I like the way it is
  • This is the worst idea I’ve ever heard in my life

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What do you think?


Not needed. At the maximum, you only have to look at the loading screen for 15-20 seconds.


This is a great idea! This should be implemented straight away! I’m not sure why people dislike it.


The image changes intermittently anyway, around every 2 months or so…


Not really, the last one was in the 787 update I believe, sorry if it was after that :)


Yes. They haven’t had one of the C130 yet…

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I just wish they would change it more often.


Last time I looked, however, not being a developer I wouldn’t know so don’t quote me on this … I believe the loading screen can only be updated per app update (every time the app is updated through the App Store’s. So probably a main reason it doesn’t get changed that often.

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Worst idea I’ve ever seen!

But not of my life :)

It’s. It like something that is needed… But this would be a nice feature.

Instead of simply stating that, maybe provide some constructive feedback? Did you express this in the poll… YES?.. then move on! No…? … there’s an option in the poll for that!


I agree it isn’t needed,

but my loading page will be


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I’m pretty sure the next time they’re gonna change it is when Global releases.

Support the guy, if you don’t like the idea then don’t use it if it gets implemented


I wonder where people get all these ideas in the features category from…
Yes, the loading screen didn’t change for a longer time, but it’s not worth the time to program the ability to customize it. The resources are better used for important things. It’s not like the devs clap two times and the function is there, meanwhile people complain about updates taking too long…


Please don’t use those kind of language. Instead, politely state your opinion and give a strong supportive reason behind your opinion. Instead of “Worst idea I’ve ever seen,” it should be "I disagree with this idea because…(your reason why you disagree).

I know you’re still developing your English. I thought it would be nice to defend @AlexH and give you a lesson on how to interact with others appropriately and formally ;)

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I mean, it would be fun, but it’s not exactly at the top of everyone’s agenda.

Nice topic, but I am happy to let the IF team decide on this photo.
Often its a nice picture, and I would be struggling to find a nicer one myself.
And mostly, I think this photo is of marketing value for IF to promote Live.

They can change it whenever