Creating videos

Can anyone help me by telling me how can I shoot a video for the flight I travelled??

I’m not quite sure I understand what you’re asking. If you want a REPLAY, that isn’t available on Live, but it IS available on Solo.

If you are talking about creating a video of a flight that can be done using your devices screen recording feature. For example on my iPad I create videos of portions of my flight by swiping to control center in iOS during a flight and activating screen recording which saves the video to my photos app. You can turn off the hud and controls in IF settings. Other devices have different processes for screen recordings.

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Go to settings-> control center -add setting

If you want to do it a more complex way, I hook up my iPad to a Mac and record it’s screen using QuickTime. That’s how mafia ahem I mean, how my movies work.

Thanks that’s really helpful

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