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If you want to create a Virtual Airline, do you need to contact to the airline in real life?

Hi! If you want to create a VA you have to check the IFVARB website. All the information is there:



You may create the airline you want without asking to the airline in real life. But you have to note that the actual company could contact you regarding copyright and then you will have to most likely close the VA since the company don’t want to let you use their branding etc.

This is still really rare but it can happen as it already happen to some VA.

And yes, as @Jinco said if you want to create your airline head to our website and click the apply button.


Baba - IFVARB Leader

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Just adding on here, there is a list of banned VA/VOs on the IFVARB website. These are VA/VOs that got shut down because they were infringing in the name of a airline. If you want to create an airline with one of these names you may do so however the airlines name or branding should not be anywhere on your VA/VOs profile or threads.


Maybe if can be a good idea to modify the name to be creative

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That is true some examples are:

White cloud virtual- a reference to the logo of air New Zealand.

Lufty virtual- that’s pretty self explanatory.

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Yeah, there is a few exemple of VA’s that have use an another name & branding in order to still be able to create a VA based on a real world airline.

Lufty Virtual (Representing Lufthansa & Brussels Airlines)
India Virtual (Representing Air India)

Those are some exemple.

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so any good idea for China Eastern Airline Virtual?

Seems like the VA isn’t taken by anyone so you are free to go with this one. The VA is either not in the banned list so you can use the name.

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yeah! That is a very good idea

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thanks a lot, I do get a lot of useful info on that website

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Glad to help you, bye! :)

bye, have a good day!

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