Creating Paper model airports

Hey guys! I made a quick mini model airport, I’m thinking of actually owning a private airport once I become a private Pilot. I modeled out what my airport would look like. I did make some modifications, including moving the runway more to the edge of the paper, which would close my old runway as it would be too close to the hanger. What do you think, I did do lots of modification, which involved moving the runway and moving the hold short line

I hope you guys like it, it’s not the first time I did this.

The new runway (same direction) being made, as the current runway is too close to the hanger.

Old runway now has the “X” mark and is the new runway is now open, with the White Aming points moved down.

Runway markings being removed. The aiming points are still there.

The “Runway Closed” sign

Moving the Hold short line

Looking down Runway 1

looking at the ramp with a twin turboprop plane, which has faded markings of the old runway location.

The faded remains of Runway 19 from the previous location.


I want to see what you guys think, would like to see some criticism.

I like it! Good job 👏


Thank you :)

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That’s really nice! I remember when I was a kid, I would draw roads and airports on paper since I didn’t have many toys.


That’s actually better than I can draw a runway, meaning the strait lines! 😂

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Hey guys! I created a much larger paper airport! It only took one hour to make.

The bigger airport! Looking down Runway 1. Also, a Matchbox Cessna Citation X “Landed” on rwy 1

Midfield taxiway where it meets the ramp. Only two planes are there.

Looking down the main Taxiway that’s parallel with Runway’s 1-19, with the CCX turning into the ramp area.

Another overview of the big airport!

The Ramp/Apron area

All the airplanes parked on the ramp. Can hold up to four GA’s and two Commercial Airliners.

Once you have finished playing with this BIG airport, you can actually fold it to normal size!

Folding the Airport into a smaller airport!

The Ramp going to be stowed away

The Original Mini Airport! This big airport converts into a Mini Airport!

I hope you all like it! Comment on what you think about it.


OMG, I have both of those MBX planes and I build things like that to, I make a paper mat and draw runways and parking gates on it. I use pencils for the gates and books covered in paper for the buildings. If I find pictures of them I will post.

I LOVE Yours!

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Thanks! Which MBX planes? Share the photos here, would love to see your Airport!

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The turboprop, the Citation X, and the the twin boom. I will post mine in mabe 20 hours, I have to get them off my camera and I will not have time till then.

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20 hrs lol, ah, I see what you mean. I hope to see your airport :)

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You will allow your good friend josh to use your private airport right, for free of course ?!

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I’m gonna have to do this now! 😉

Unless if it’s an emergency landing, you’ll have to convince me to allow you to land for free 😂😂😂. It’s a private airstrip, I’ll charge a $1 landing fee, how’s that?

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Do what? A model airport?

You guys might want to check out these instagram accounts :

I know all these little trucks and stuff are expensive, but it can be a source of inspiration. Plus, I think 3D printing might allow you to start creating your own vehicles much more easily now (and cheaper)

Also, here is an idea you might like : Sketchup is a very simple 3D modeling software you could use to design buildings, and it exists a plugin that allows you to “unfold” your 3D model so you can print it and then cut it and fold it to have your 3D model in paper. How cool is that ?

Good luck ! Keep on inventing stuff and make it real !

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Really nice, suddenly got an idea to build a big get airport for some of my small RC planes :D

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This was from a long time ago so don’t ask me about the planes as I don’t remember. Sorry for the inaccurate markings and all but this was taken a few years back! Oh and the runway numbers? Ignore them…


I guess this is what you meant with your post, right

Looks good! If you want, I can try to find some printable 1:400 plates that I used for my diorama. :)