Creating Panoramas in the Replay

We now have the awesome screenshot function, but i think something is missing. You can create a screenshot of a specific view, but making a spherical panorama is still a lot of work. You need to make a screenshot in every direction and than stack them together in Photoshop for example.
So my suggestion is that you add a button for this feature. When you press this button, the process for creating a spherical panorama will start. The camera will automatically move. After taking the screenshots, Infinite Flight will stack the pictures to a panorama.
Such a system for creating a panorama will extend the screenshot function enourmos. You will be able to make pictures with a much higher viewing angle than normal screenshots. Especially at busy airports or at pictures of a formation flight this will look beautiful.
I hope you enjoyed the topic, please give some feedback to my idea!

Thank you! I have changed it.

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I like this idea, unfortunately I’m out of votes :(

Be sure to vote for your own feature request

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It would seem like a lot of work to implicate Panoramas.

But on the bright side, I understand what you mean and honestly it would be quite cool to have panorama shots of IF.

I’ll put in a vote for this one.

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