Creating own liveries. *IMPORTANT*

Hi there IFC!

I want to offer you one interesting opportunity. Are you tired of voting for airplane liveries? Do you want a lot of liveries? Since different airlines have beautiful liveries, and we certainly do not have them, and it is useless to vote for them, since all the votes go to the rework of the aircraft. So, I suggest that the IF management recruit designers who know how to make liveries so that they can upload them to the game, and not that we wait for them, and they would still be a little wrong. Take for example the new A330 Aeroflot rework, there are details that are missing. Let’s vote for it! Since liveries are on the plane, it’s also an important part!
Or so that people themselves could add liveries, but they underwent a thorough examination for detail, comparing from the photo.

Let’s make IF even better!

I support you! I find the idea very interesting!

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it’s dead so i’m recreated.

Hello @Shafran ,
Even if the thread is dead, you need permission from the Mods before you can recreate a thread.


And that topic has 100+ votes

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