Creating new feature request when old is closed

Could someone just clarify this for me? Are we creating new feature requests once the old is closed? I thought the whole meaning of sorting the features category by likes was to bring up the posts that has the most likes, but the likes on old topics are not gonna come back due to users quitting etc…


You can create a new feature request when the one one is closed


Yes you can when the old request is closed.


Okay, let’s expirement then.

The thread for global flight has over 150 likes, let me create new one, because that one closed. I might only get 110 likes since 40 people left the forum (now I know new people join) thus pushing it lower down the features category in the amount of likes. Is this what we want? Why not like current threads instead?

Or am I missing something?

It was closed because it was confirmed.

Doesn’t matter which thread, if it’s about adding cats in the game or a new aircraft. The principle still applies? Those likes still are not there when a new request is done.

We have a ton of threads for that, like this one: Evolution of Global Flight

@Louis I am not speaking about discussing threads, just feature requests in specific.

Ok so look, if a feature request thread has been closed someone can create a new one requesting the same thing, thats the deal

Let me put down another example:

X airline A320 is feature request and has 30 likes. That thread gets closed after 3 months. A forum member makes a new thread for “X Airline A320” and this post gets some likes. Those 30 likes on the original thread will not get transferred to the newer thread so each one of the people that likedthe original one will have to like the new one, but some of them have left. This means that the thread now only gets 20 likes instead of 30 thus pushing it down in the features category.

Yea, I get that. I just ask how this can be the case? See my examples for further clarification.

People will like it overtime and it will reach more than 30 after that.

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Firstly it’s about replies that pushes it to the top not likes. Look in reality it’s a bit of luck game who gets how many likes, those 10 people who left would have been replaced by at least 10 people who would have joined, who says the new one couldn’t get more likes then the 1st one

Yes, but in a few months that thread will close and another one will be created…

Not exactly. It might apply for the general feed but not the category in specific.

Yes, but imagine those old people + the new people, doesn’t matter who joins and who leaves. Out of 100 people who leave 5 might have liked the post and out of 100 who join 3 might like the new post. As you said, it’s a bit of a luck game.

But still, WHY do we not just keep threads open forever or create new ones?

I requested a mod to close an old topic that wasn’t active for 8 months
I got nearly 3 times the likes in 3 months and it hasn’t been closed.

Its a better idea of making a poll or vote:)

Do not do that.
Features are by likes, not poll votes.


I believe that if a request is closed, it means the community is not interested in it


Sometimes ppl, post in the wrong time.

No no no I don’t mean for feature requests lol. I mean for this topic. Polling is easier that posting aren’t they? No I’m not talking about feature requests for polls:)