Creating HiFly VA

So, I’d quite like to setup a VA for HiFly, since it’s always been one of my favourite airlines and there’s an absence of it in Infinite Flight. However, I have noticed that HiFly have an “official virtual partner” called HiFly Virtual. Their social media and website has not been updated in more than a year, and it has no information about what sims it uses, all the website shows is that it’s “HiFly’s official Virtual partner”, its fleet and members. Because of this, would I need to contact HiFly for permission to create an unaffiliated Infinite Flight VA or would it be fine?


According to the database, there is no HiFly VA active at this time.

As for the “official partner” you found, a basic google search of it shows they are an MFS virtual airline. And I find it hard to believe any airline would recognize a virtual counterpart as an “official partner”.

I also think it’s a bit weird. They claim they’ve been the “Official virtual partner since 2005”, but it seems weird that an official virtual airline would exist on MFS 2004. HiFly follow them on Instagram though.

Their probably not on IF

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