Creating draft details

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I have two questions about drafts.

  1. To create an event I need to categorise it to ,live+event“. But I couldn’t find that.

  2. Sometimes the heading is in a grey box, lines are creating a better overview and tables are in drafts. How can I create those?


First, you cannot create events because u r a basic

And once again there is a topic that goes over all the possible ways of making boxes tables etc

I am not basic. I received a message that I turned ,member“ a few minutes ago

Try to refresh your safari and reopen the tab :)

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You are member, it takes a little bit for the cache to clean up for others to see

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Now the categories appeared, is there any link which explains how to design drafts?

You just start typing and then navigate away. When you come back it will be there but you cant post in other topics without telling it where to post. Most people will use a PM to themselves or something as a draft when organizing a large post.

Be sure to follow the rules if you are posting to #live:events


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