Creating application for python IF

I’m a beginner in python I’m wanting to make an application using the kivy library. But I’m having a hard time extracting user data using public APIs that Laura made available.

I did a test to see if I get back information from an online player, but it does not return anything to me. What am I doing wrong?

You need an API key to use the liveflight API.

(Edit ya have one from the look of it, my mistake)

Second edit probably shouldn’t be sharing your API key publcily!!! @Dalmo_Cabral


Also, get a better IDE than Sublime text

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It appears he already has a key (it’s there in the URL parameters). Off the top of my head, the first call to the API must be a call to get sessions, then use the data from that all to get other stuff. I can look at some Preflight IF implementation and see if something there might help.

There’s a chrome extension called Postman, that allows you to test requests independently, rather than having to run a script every time. Use that to get things right, then implement

And yes, as insertusername said - don’t share your key, use a placeholder for your examples or blue it out before posting a screenshot


You seem to be using requests which isn’t a valid function without the requests module I believe. Need import requests
( @a_gudimenko could you check if I’m right here, it’s midnight so I’m not at peak brain power)

@Dalmo_Cabral Apparently sharing your API key might be bad idea, don’t know if you wanna edit it out, blur it etc.


What he shared isn’t the API key but the website where you can get into with the key. Without a key you can’t access the API over this URL. This url was posted by Laura publicly a long time ago…

So Dalmo_Cabral you need to message the devs and ask for a key to receive access to the API.

Nevermind, you have already edited the key out. Didn’t see the edit.

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I already deleted the image with the API key. I thought it would not be a problem since I was having doubts about the structure of the code in python

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I already deleted the image with the API key. I thought it was not going to be a problem.

No code imports yes to library requests. Only he is not returning anything.

What python are you using ?

You mean what version?

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Yes sir I do sorry about that

I’d bet my money on it being python 3, 2 is only used for legacy systems really. No advantages over 3

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I am using python 3.6

So you lost … can you give me your money lol

If it’s the one I think it is then for sure I can help with what your trying to achieve here sir.

Thank you. I’m trying to create a python structure that returns the player information using API that was provided

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