Creating and saving New Topic posts Offline

What is the best way create, edit, and save pre-created posts locally before posting here on the forum? I was hoping there was some offline editor similar to the Discourse editor with the options for Blur Spolier, Hide Details, etc. Right now, it looks like I just create and save the content in a word processor on my computer and then copy-paste & edit it here when I am ready to post. Is this only way to do it?

My role-playing post was a lot of fun for me and some others. I have been looking at the calendar and brainstorming other ideas for the future, but I would like to get a jump on creating some the content now and then just posting it the appropriate time. Obviously, creating them with all of the appropriate formatting would be a lot easier.

Thanks in advance.

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Discourse has an awesome feature called “Private Messaging”. You can Private Message yourself and create the formatting and everything in a PM with yourself and then copy and paste it already formatted onto the Public Side of the Forum.


You can create a topic and click on save draft. Then you can click on your profile and view the saved drafts

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That works! Thank you both.

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