Creating An Event

My time is EST so what is the formula to make it ZULU?

Add 5 hours to your time.

Zulu is 5 hours ahead

So 6:00AM would be 1000?

6:00AM EST would be 11:00AM zulu

Sorry, I meant to say 11:00.

All good 👍

Thank you for your help everyone!

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Could you make the event in Jakarta WIII?


    November 8

Ok, thank you! I am going to do that option. Just to make sure, can I have a departure slot of 12:00PM to 4:00PM and the flights in that slot can take off anytime in those four hours.

Hmmmmm. I just upgraded to the IPHONE-XR

And I still gotta renew my monthly subscription even though my xp is 57,663 points. Grade3. Just fell off to Grade2 for my landings and flight hrs have to be increased just a little bit. So unfortunately ur gonna have to carry on all workload till I renew my subscription.

I’m creating the event alone, and I’m making it at Atlantic City International Airport.

Maybe I will make another event at Jakarta WIII.

Here is a Guide to making events 😀

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Thank you so much!

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Sorry @InfiniteFlight48 I was in school. @DimitriB explained it (thank you very much) well. Look at this event for an example


@InfiniteFlight48 4 Hours is a long time for a wave. I would make it a maximum of 20 minutes and make only 2 waves.

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Thank you for giving me examples and advice, that was very helpful!


I am also flying from KACY to EGLL. Should I do non-stop or stopover at St.Johns?

Just PM one of us on this thread as it’s not nessicary. PM me the details

Links and assistance offers via PM were made above.