Creating An Event

I am creating an event, and I was wondering if it is ok to make each flight have a flight time? This way the event is more realistic.

You can do whatever you want for your event!

What do you recommend?

Do you mean time of departure?

Should I add flight times or no?

I mean people can just look those up so it is helpful but not necessary

Flight times can vary from winds, traffic, and speed. It might not be the most realistic thing to do, but I suggest giving an average flight time for that chosen flight.

I mean a scheduled departure time for when the plane takes off.

Well then that’s totally different compared to what you wrote above,

If thats the case, then yes. You should.

Ok, thank you!

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It’s your event, your decisions

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Well you have 3 options

  1. Have multiple waves of departure times so each gate gets multiple flights
  2. Have realistic departure times (but feels less like an event)
  3. Just have the same departure time for everyone (like most events)

I am creating an Atlantic City International Airport Fly Out!

Can you explain the first option better, I might do that option.

He means that basically there are different times where a certain amount of aircraft push back, allowing space for more. For example, say you had a single terminal airport. It has a north and south wing. You could tell all south wing aircraft to pushback at 5:00pm, and then have more aircraft spawn in and depart at 5:25pm etc. Which would be your second wave and so on…

Ok, thank you! I am going to do that option. Just to make sure, can I have a departure slot of 12:00PM to 4:00PM and the flights in that slot can take off anytime in those four hours.

No, you should have scheduled departure times within each time frame of individual waves.

Yes you could. Just make sure that you leave enough time between ‘waves’ so new aircraft can spawn in and get ready for departure. Also keep in mind the fact that the concentration of aircraft will be lower as the event is spread out over multiple hours
What @AlphaSeven said is probably the best option

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Ok, so I will have scheduled departure times during that 12:00PM to 4:00PM time slot. And then I do a 5:00PM to 7:00 time slot just like the last.

What do exactly do you mean in your last sentence?