Creating an event

I have just been able to create an event and was wondering how to do it. What would the format be and is it ok if the event occurs in about 14 hours? If not, what category would it fit in?

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You need to follow this or the topic will be closed, there is no limit to the amount of flight time so it could go for 21 hours and be fine.


okay. is it okay if the event occurs in 14 hours? I am looking to fly YMML-OMDB

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I would post that in the #live:groupflights category but then make sure it’s within the next 3 hours or it will be closed. So make sure to follow these rules.

If it’s in more than 3 hours, leaving it in the #live:events category is fine.

@dn1801 if you are indeed having the event in 14 hours, don’t expect a lot of people (14 hours isn’t a lot of time for people to see this, sign up and show up).

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