Creating account to Fly Online


My son uses Infinite Flight on his Kindle Fire and loves it. He wants to use the Fly Online feature. I click on “Sign in with Google” and get a message “Account not found. Create it on

I’ve gone to which sends me to At that point, I’m not sure what to do to create an account. I’ve clicked on Log In and then on the Google button, but that just gets me an endless loading icon.

I’d be grateful for any help getting this set up!

Thank you!


Have you tried making the google account known to the device through Gmail, etc.


Thank you for contacting support! At this time we have disabled the account/purchasing feature on our website in preparation for our update being rolled out at this time. To create an account you can select the “Live” tab of your current Amazon version, then create an account using Google or Facebook in-app.

Additionally, the latest update will not be available for Amazon users at this time but we will continue to support our previous (current) version. Let us know if you have any further questions and I’d be happy to assist!


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