Creating a Virtual Airline

How do I create my own virtual group? I was thinking about doing the HAVL- Hawaiian airlines virtual group

Get in touch with the IFVARB, they regulate that kind of stuff and have a whole process for creating virtual groups and airlines.

Do I just type that name in the forum and text them?

Hi, unfortunately Hawaiian Airlines is a banned VA, you can see this below:

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lol why would any virtual airline be banned? seems pretty dumb to me.

Many reasons, some airlines would not allow virtual airlines because of copyright.

Using an airline’s logos, name… Some airlines don’t like that and may want to take it down or copyright strike you. Usually the IFVARB will take the airline down in this case.

If you wanted to make Hawaiian Airlines Virtual but you can’t use the name. I recommend using a creative name that’s based off of the island. Something like “Aloha Virtual” would be awesome!

Hey there,

Lets start with answering your first question.

Before applying via the IFVARB website, you should meet necessary requirements eg;

  • You must be TL2 or above on the forum
  • Have a good level of maturity
  • Have knowledge and experience of the VA community
  • The VA you are starting should have its own website prepared
  • The VA shouldn’t be banned or already active

Unfortunately you won’t be able to use that name, the original slogan, or any logos and images related to the real life airline. This is because Hawaiian Airlines are banned from becoming a VA in the IFVARB. You are allowed to use other names and logos to make the VA tho.

I also recommend checking out the IFVARB website that houses tons of information that can help you get started.

Banned VA/VOs, Blacklist users and Watchlist users - Link to List

VA/VO Database - All VA/VOs currently active

Pending - Reserved VA/VOs waiting for approval

Apply - Requirements and Application page

I hope these information helps you guide through starting your Virtual Group 🤟

If you have any more questions then you can contact @IFVARB for assistance 🙂


@Justin_Crabtree - although using their name and logo is not allowed, you can create a Virtual Airline with a similar name (not the exact same one), with new logos and operate just like you would if the VA’s name was Hawaiian Virtual. For instance:

Exactly… not Lufthansa Virtual but Nonstop Virtual. Plenty of advice has been given above. Should you have any more questions, shoot me a message and I will try to explain everything to you.

Warm regards and hope to see your application soon! 😉
-Thomas // IFVARB Leader


Or maybe the ruse people and owners

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