Creating a Virtual Airline

I helped create a Fictional VA but the livery thing is a lot different. We operate 3 aircraft family’s in our fleet but the pilots get a choice of one livery from that whole family. So we are fictional but use any livery in that family.

Yeah but still, CEO’s have better things to do. Should’ve been handled by that airline’s HR or Legal department


Does BA currently have a website?

Yes they do. This is their WEBSITE

A message from the CEO of American Airlines:

American Airlines IF prides itself on our website. When I first started getting into the Virtual Airline system for Infinite Flight, I knew that I was going to have a wide variety of people that I needed to appeal to. The most important thing I knew was that a VAs website is EVERYTHING! Well, almost… your website is going to create the first impression on your client, making him/her decide, then and there, that this is the VA for me. So try hard and make your website nice! Add features no one else has, make it colorful, design savvy and most importantly, appealing to the viewer. A Wix made website can look amazing! Money is not required to make an awesome Virtual Airline. Just take extra time to follow all of these steps supplied to you in the above tutorial.

American Airlines has been almost a two year project for me. I think giving our pilots the most up to date technology, and overall experience will not only gain more pilots, but have an everlasting memory on each and every individual. This is why I made the company’s slogan: “We always put our pilot’s first”, because what It all comes down to is the experience made available to the pilot. An attitude like this will take you far! This may only be a game for mobile devices, but its all what you make it.

So now I will take a step down from my soap box, and let you, the new CEO of your VA, make the decision…

" Do I want to be proud of what I have founded, or treat it as something insignificant and unimportant?"

-Liam Boyer
CEO of American Airlines VAIF

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See, this is totally misleading.

You mean “CEO” of your virtual airline


All fixed! Thanks for the correction.

This worries me. Is the Air France Virtual website going to be shut down because I didn’t add enough disclaimers???

No, you will be fine, the reason I had to get permission was because I alerted BA of the website, unless you starts getting thousands of views a day, you’ll be fine


Alright. One les worry ;)


Good luck :)

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This is what the CEO sent me

“Message Sir: This is the CEO, David Cush, of Virgin America. I am here today to advise you that your virtual airline is infringing upon our copyrighted brand. We kindly ask for you to close this down, otherwise we will be forced to contact higher authorities for your virtual airlines termination. Thank you.”



And did you do as said? 😏

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I had to. Wasn’t going to have to talk to highly paid lawyers.


The last thing FDS wants is to be in trouble with


FDS wouldn’t get in trouble with them right? It would just be him vs ‘higher authorities’ :D

You shouldve kept it running just for funsies :P

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Tutorials is for ingame only. (What I was told)

I’d personally move it to #general as it does not really has to do with the forum actually.

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