Creating a Virtual Airline

At this point in time the infinite flight community has seen so many Virtual Airlines created, it’s incredible. In this topic I will be presenting a guide to creating a Virtual Airline. It will guide you step by step through the creation and teach you simple tricks to present a worthy Virtual Airline for Infinite Flight.

A Guide to Creating a Virtual Airline

Alright so let’s start with the basics:


When creating a virtual airline, the most important part is your airline. What is it going to be? What your decision is depending on is if it should be a real world airline or a self-created one.

  • Real World Airline:
    (If you decide on creating a virtual airline of an original airline than you have: (1) Ingame Liveries (2) Real world airline templates for websites, routes etc-. It’s a much easier path to go down…

Qantas Virtual
American Virtual
Air Berlin

  • Self-Created Virtual Airline
    (This road is much harder, if you chose a self-created virtual airline, than you will have more responsiblity and work. What benefits you is: (1) Using all aircraft but with the generic livery (2) Whatever routes you wish!

Hopper Virtual


When building you Virtual Airline an extremely important feature is a website. This will allow you to display news, schedules, fleet, members etc-. But you may not know where to start…

Here are some simply website builders which are free and easy to use:

> Weebly Website Builder
> Sitey Website Creator
> Sitelio

When creating you website there are some important feature that are recommened to add, here are some necessary features that you may need on your website:

+ Member System
+ Fleet (More info, scroll down)
+ Flights/Shedules
+ Support
+ Staff (More info, scroll down)
+ Routes
+ Virtual Airline Information
+ Rules and regulations

Apart from those, here are some not so nessessary, but popularity building features that will help your Virtual Airline:

+ Pilot Training system
+ Chat system
+ Member callsigns
+ Community

Not also does it include these features on your website but its how you design it. Depending on your design is how you will attract public attention to your Virtual Airline. If youre using a real world airline, I recommened searching the airlines website to see there display. If you have created your own Virtual Airline than I recommened using your logo colours.


Your fleet is one of the most necessary features on your virtual airline. Depending if your airline is real or not is how you setup your fleet…

  • Real World Airline
    (In infinite flight, its recommened to use an exsisting airline. When you setup your fleet you must organise it properly. Most of this organisation should be done on the website. For example Qantas… First find all your aircraft that have the Qantas livery. If you have a regional livery, like QantasLink, I suggest putting this into its own sub-airline on your fleet.)

  • Self-Created Virtual Airline
    (For your self-created virtual airline, the options are widely open to you. Since you probably don’t have an airline in-game than your can certainly pick any aircraft you want. But keeping it as the generic livery.)

Routes & Flights

As said many, many times it is depending on what your airline is. Your routes are a huge attraction to your virtual airline!

  • Real World Airline
    (If your virtual airline is a real world airline, than its recommened that you use its exsisting routes. Though some virtual airlines, like Qantas Virtual, use flight route internationaly but not cross-region.)

  • Self-Created Virtual Airline
    (As said before your options are more open! Its your choice, where you fly and what routes you pick. Though some Self-Created Virtual Airlines like Hopper use a certain country for there flights.)

After you have decided on what regions and routes you use its a major task of creating schedules, which are quite vital to your virtual airline. These shedules can be displayed on your website. At this point Infinite Flight doesnt have a connection to the virtual airlines, meaning you will have to create a system of running sheduled flights. A simple way of doing this is using PIREPS.

As shown in this example below (this isnt exactly what you have to display on your PIREP, just an example)

Staff & Support

Now it is important to have staff for your virtual airline because it helps support members, develop your airline & website & advertising. When creating a staff group, you will need to make a system in which they can become or apply for a position.

For support, staff should be your main sources. The best option is to create a system that lets staff know and will let them assist. Ideas:

  • Chat System
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Call


Just a quick warning, if you wish to create a real world airline into an infinite flight virtual, I suggest being very cautious. Make sure to not copy there systems and design or you will have trouble. If you have a way of contacting that airline, it would be recommended. Even just the basic airline being used can be called Copywrite.


Your best option would be through the Infinite Flight community. Though it has been stated by staff to have one perticular thread. Other ways of advertising is through social media, Facebook, youtube, instagram etc-


Anyway thats the tutorial on Creating a Virtual Airline!


And I wanted to say, only 1 thread is allowed for advertising your VA. Update how your VA works on that thread, don’t make another one.


I’m sorry what…? This isn’t advertising mate. If you feel upset by the linked virtual names above I can delete them…

Also to show how they work on the website.


TravelSky is everywhere in the VA lists :)

Thank you for the tutorial, great.


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Oh I see, sorry

Be careful when choosing a real world airline. My airline happened to be shut down by the CEO of the real airline. I would suggest sending an email and asking before you put a lot of effort into a website and all of that.

I learned the hard way.


I find it extremely surprising that the CEO of a major airline had nothing better to do than to shut down a VA lol


Didn’t the CEO of Virgin something shut down the VA here?


Correct, David Cush…


That must of been cool that the CEO himself would message you :)


Not really when all my work had to be taken down… But it was cool to talk with him.


I wish it was that easy to run and create a VA like you described it… It’s harder. A lot harder.


Great work, mention about how not to anger the real VA, I had to exchange emails with BA Copyright Team to make sure I wasn’t messing anything up, but it all payed off and now BA (the real one) have requested for more product placement (logos etc) win win for me


I added a section, thanks for letting me know…


No problem

To be fair I can see why some airlines wouldn’t like it. Some VA webpages are very neat and could look potentially like a real webpage from the airline they’re using. When I joined the forums I had no clue what VA’s were and thought they had something to do with the real airline lol


I get what you mean there, that’s why you don’t show to much realism on your web pages and a lot about infinite flight.

But I have to say that when I first checked out American Virtuals page it looked exactly like a real airline :)


@Skylines Can you add Paradisair on examples of made up ones (I need more pilots and it could be good advertising)😉

I get what you mean there buddy, but for the sake of thread I won’t add it yet