Creating A Virtual Airline

Hello Everyone, I was thinking about maybe starting a Virtual Airline. If anyone’s interested Send a PM!

Hello @BostonStrongWill,

Please take a look at this to help you create a VA: Creating a Virtual Airline

Do you know of any untaken Airlines from America? I was looking into creating one off of a real life counterpart but all seem to be taken!

I literally believe that all American Airlines are taken as VAs.

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You would want to choose something less known.
Eg: Iberia

I don’t know any untaken Airlines form any part of America, but please take some time into researching it. However as if you can’t find anything I would pick a European airline.

Yeah I thought so too

DHL is Open I believe

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In my opinion you should just join a VA and work up the ranks to become a respected member there. Starting a successful VA nowadays is close to impossible unless you do something drastically unique.

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Yeah but I was in it and it never really became active ever

Yeah I guess so. I kinda wanted to do my own thing though

If you’re interested in a realistic and more community based VA to join, Mesa Virtual is my reccomendation. It’s the only VA I haven’t dropped out of xD

I don’t mean to advertise tho. It’s just my recommendation as you said you want an American VA and Mesa is regional USA.