Creating a Verbal ATC organization

I have been thinking lately and I am interested in creating an Organization that provides extremely realistic ATC via a discord. I feel as this would take IF to the next level. There would be a Training Server Chat as well as an Expert Server Chat With Live ATC. Both the Training Server and Expert Server. I would really like to Partner with the IFATC as well, if possible. Would any Mods be interested in Helping me start this? I know organizations in the past have ended up shutting down but I really want this to last. Would anyone be interested in this? Mature Users only please. (I mean no disrespect towards IF or any of the IFATC members as well as the mods.)

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This has been tried in the past, was only allowed on the Casual Server to avoid any confusion with Unicom or IFATC.

I am not sure if it would come under a IFVRB as a “VO”, might be worth checking with one of those guys.

Happy landings.

I understand. I’ll have to ask.

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I would reccomend joining IF ACARS. They are a verbal ATC organization on discord. PM me if you would like…

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This has been tried to set up in the past. There was one that grieved to go through IFVARB certification but couldn’t pass it for whatever reasons.

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