Creating a VA

Hello everyone!
I’m going to create a Virtual Airline, Oman Air Virtual, and I’m looking for some staff. I urgently need someone who’s good with doing websites and so on. So if someone is interested, don’t hesitate to PM me or just answer below this topic.
Thanks in advance for the huge help


Hey, I hope your VA goes well!

Although I believe you may want to post something like this in this thread

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You have already created a topic similar to this, therefore, there is no need for a duplicate.

You can only advertise for staff here:

And, this is at the permission of the leader that you are assigned. As @Oliver_P has already mentioned in your other topic, you have not yet been assigned a leader. Therefore, you can’t advertise just yet.



Ok, I have to get the VA approved and then I can hire staff, right?
Or can I do that even if the VA is not approved yet? I mean copying the text above to the VA staff requirement thread

You have to first apply for your VA on the IFVARB website which you can do here:

After, your VA will be “awaiting review” and then once you are assigned a team leader your VA will be in the “being reviewed” process and then you can discuss with your team leader your staff positions and they should give you permission to post the advertisements.



You need to be in the approval process. E.g. you are working directly with an IFVARB leader. You are not at this stage as of yet.

You will need the permission of your prospective leader to do this. Therefore, all you can do for now is to be patient and wait to be contacted.

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Applied yesterday, but I haven’t received any email with the reservation status code

If you didn’t receive a code (make sure you have checked spam etc) then you need to message an admin to receive it.

Hello Dario,

I can confirm that we received your application, if you need the reservation code just dm me and I can get it for you if you don’t find the email at all. Do what Oliver said before 👍